Choral Recitation

Choral Recitationheld on 26th July, 2018

‘Poetry comes alive to me through recitation’

We, at The Modern School, believe that beauty is the realm of poetry, and children surely enjoy the beauty of expression, thoughts, feelings, rhyme, rhythm and the sound of words. Considering the above mentioned facts, the tiny tots got an opportunity to exhibit their talent and credence by expressing themselves. Our veterans gleefully portrayed their best moves as they chorused on their favorite rhymes.

Learning without rhythm and rhyme is a waste of time. Rhymes can prove to be instrumental stepping stones for young scholars to acquire language skills. Our infants of classes Nursery and K.G. embraced the monsoons by singing and dancing on the beats of their favorite songs. The English choral recitation held on the 26th of July 2018, aimed at appreciating and adoring the most mesmerizing season of our country – the Monsoon.

Rhymes like ‘Drip drop drip drip drop’ and ‘It’s raining, raining, raining’ turned out to be the most relished and admired rhymes as the audience intoned merrily. The students appeared cheerful and energetic as they chorused and performed confidently in front of the audience. The adorning head gears shaped like clouds, frogs and umbrellas complemented the theme and added to the charm of our adorable kids. The rhythmic instrumental beats played by our music teacher Ms.Ritu Kalia left the audience in absolute awe and bewilderment. The wonderful presentation left everybody drenched in admiration and euphoria.

‘Anyone who says that sunshine brings happiness – has never danced in the rain.’