Competitionheld on 2nd August, 2018

– Hubert H. Humphrey

‘Only through freedom and environmental experience is it practically possible for human development to occur’. Working towards the holistic development of our students, The Modern School, Raj Nagar, organized an elocution and debate competition for its scholars. To advance our students in the expanse of speech, expression and presentation the school planned tailor-made activities thereby enhancing their vocabulary and exposition skills./p>

The students of Classes P1 to P5 opted for diversified topics varying from ‘my hobby, my biggest birthday wish, something I have done that I am proud of’ to ‘trying is better than crying’ and ‘exploring Mars and discovering Earth’. The students voiced confidently to manifest their perspectives on the allotted topic. The smooth flow of phrases, diction, confident expressions and intense body language made the audience and judges to urge for more time limits for our poised speakers. The students’ were judged on the following basis: construction of speech, presentation, delivery, content, language and voice modulation. The participants who vouched for the maximum score under the different categories would be announced the final winners for their class.

The debate competition specially organized for our students of Classes S1 to S3 annexed another feather in the cap of our aspiring senior students. The students exercised freedom of speech, thought, belief and choice as they chose to speak for or against the given notion. The debate topics varied from ‘Television makes people violent and crazy,’ ‘Social media boon or bane,’ and ‘Peer pressure is more useful than harmful’. The wisdom of the audience was really put to a meticulous test as the participants heeded and emphasized on the relevance of their stats and details. The counter questioning rounds proved to be the most fruitful and engaging as the debaters left no stone unturned to substantiate their beliefs and thoughts by providing the vital attributes pertaining to their opinions.

The day ended on a wonderful note as the students felt highly complacent with their whole hearted participation. Though the results are avidly awaited but the conclusive and satisfactory smiles from the participants convinced everyone that participating is important than winning.

‘I shall participate, I shall contribute, and in doing so, I will be the gainer’.
– Walter Annenberg