Dussehra Celebration

Dussehra Celebration on Tuesday, 16th October, 2018

‘The Good Always Triumphs Over Evil’

Carrying on the tradition of celebrating each festival with joy and enthusiasm, a Dussehra programme was organised in the School hall at Modern Early Years, Vasundhara, on Tuesday, 16th October, 2018.

The proceedings started with the announcer, Ms. Sonal Agarwal, welcoming all present on the occasion.

Students of classes P1 and P2 dressed up as some of the main characters of the great epic ‘Ramayana’ such as, Lord Rama, Lakshman, Sita, Ravana ably assisted by supporting characters Raja Dushrath, his three queens and the Ravan sena presented a musical skit.

The play started with children being explained the ‘why’ and the ‘how’ of Dussehra by their grandmother, moving on to a brief ‘Ramlila’, reinforcing the message of ‘right over might’

Students also showcased how Dussehra is celebrated in West Bengal by a ‘Durga Puja’ dance and in Gujarat, by a ‘Dandiya’ dance.

The audience was left spellbound with the enthusiastic performances of the students.

The enactment was immaculately executed and was supported by apt devotional songs, a vivid slide show and well choreographed dances.

The Dussehra craft prepared by the students, provided a befitting ambience to the occasion.

Ms. Mehra elaborated on the message of Dussehra about always keeping ones promise, being obedient, a good sibling, doing away with the evil forces within us & treading on the path of righteousness shown by Lord Ram.

She acknowledged the joint effort of Ms. Diksha Ummet, Ms. Shilpi Lalchandani, Ms. Manisha & Ms. Shashi Singh & applauded the hard work put in by the participants.

She wrapped up the assembly with a verse,

विजय सत्य की हुई हमेशा,
हारी सदा बुराई है।
आया पर्व दशहरा कहता,
करना सदा भलाई है।

and wished everyone , A Happy Dussehra!