Dussehra Celebration

Dussehra CelebrationSeptember 27th, 2017


A time for celebration,
A time for victory of good over bad,
A time when world sees the example of power of good.
Let us continue the same ‘true’ spirit,
On Durga pooja and Dussehra!

Students and staff of The Modern School (Raj Nagar) celebrated Durga Pooja and Dussehra in the school premises on 27th September 2017, with great ardour and vivacity.

A special assembly was conducted, in which students spoke about the significance of these festivals and the numerous ways of commemorating them in the variegated fragments of our country. The program was a garland of various elements of Durgapooja which included Dhunuchi dance and a devotional song performance to pay tribute to the strength and competence of women.

Students also presented a dance drama showcasing the various evils of the society and how the absence of these evils lead to the transformation of Ravan into Ram.

The celebration was brought to an end by a mesmerizing dance performace by primary kids on the song ‘Shubh Aarambh’ that rendered the message of a new beginning with peace, prosperity and harmony in the society.

Parents were overwhelmed by the theme and spectacular performance of the students and admired the pandemic celebration. The audience as well as the performers basked in the warmth of festivity and exultation as the carousal came to an end. Indeed, it was a day of gala celebration!

The battle line between good and evil runs through the heart of every man.