Educational Trips – P1 & P2

Educational Trips – P1 & P2 Day 2 : Friday, 26th October, 2018

P1 – Rajghat & Gandhi Smriti

On Friday, 26th October, 2018, Class P1 students accompanied by their School Teachers and volunteer parents visited Gandhi ji’s Samadhi – Rajghat and Gandhi Smriti.

Children were taken to the Gandhi museum, located on the Rajghat grounds, which revealed to them about Gandhi ji’s early life and his work in South Africa, as well as the role he played in the Indian Freedom Struggle.

Next the Group reached Gandhi Smriti , the perfect place to pay homage to Gandhiji. While walking to the Samadhi children were shown the steps that Gandhiji took on the tragic day of his assassination – January 30, 1948.

Children paid their respects to Bapu as they passed by the Samadhi, where Gandhiji’s last words were engraved… ‘Hey Ram’. They were also taken into the house where Gandhiji lived for his last 144 days. They saw objects of historical significance in the museum, and the Birla house itself gave all an insight into Gandhiji’s life, which was as educational as the display of many of his historical artifacts.

It was a truly memorable, inspiring & an amazing trip.

P2 : National Rail Museum

Modern Early Years, Vasundhara , organised an educational trip for the students of class P2 on Friday, 26th of October to the National Rail Museum, Delhi along with their school Teachers and a volunteer parent.

Rail Museum is the first of its kind in the country. On the 7th of October, 1971, the then President of India, V.V. Giri,had laid the foundation for the Rail Transport Museum and it became a full-fledged National Rail Museum in the year 1995.

The tour to the museum started with the fabulous collection of India’s Rail heritage. Its remarkable display reflects the 160 years of Indian Railways.

The Indoor gallery section exhibits train models, signalling equipment, telecommunication systems, antique railway furniture and Indian Railway uniforms. The outdoor gallery has a variety of steam, diesel and electric locomotives and an impressive collection of wagons, carriages and rail cars. The outdoor section also has a rail garden.

One of the most popular and the oldest working steam locomotive in the world- The Fairy Queen is also on display there. The Royal coaches included the Prince of Whales Saloon, the Maharaja of Mysore’s Saloon and the Maharaja of Baroda’s saloon, showcasing the magnificent interiors of those times.

The students enjoyed the toy train ride that sprawls across the outdoor gallery and took home with them great memories and fun facts about the Indian Railways.

The students of both the classes will be doing a worksheet with a comprehension passage related to their field trips and answering questions based on it.