General Awareness Inter-House Quiz Competition 2018-19

General Awareness Inter-House Quiz Competition 2018-19 28th November, 2018

Knowledge is Power

Quizzes are designed to promote, a fun way to study and in the process , expand and improve one’s general knowledge. Such competitions enable students to think from different angles or simply to think out of the box. They also aid in the team building process. In an endeavour to fulfill the above objectives students of Modern Early Years participated in an Inter-House General Awareness Quiz. Each student was given a set of 100 questions with an answer key to prepare themselves for the Preliminary round and from each house 5 top scorers were shortlisted .The team comprising of 5 members -two students from Class P2 and three students from Class P1 represented their respective House in the event.

The Final round of the General Awareness Inter-House quiz was held in the school hall on Wednesday, 28th November 2018. Ms Shashi Singh and Ms Sonal Agarwal conducted the quiz and Ms Cheena Garg maintained the score board. Students in the audience were seated House-wise. The quiz comprised of questions pertaining to different subjects like: English, Maths, History, Geography ,Health Science together with challenging visual round.The students participated with complete zest.

The First position was bagged by two houses: Abdul Kalam House and Srinivasa House with a total tally of 110 points. The proud winners received a Certification of Merit each.


  • Aadi Jain – P2
  • Tanish Tanay – P2
  • Aadya Gupta – P1 A
  • Monica Gambhir – P1 B
  • Sharanya Tiwari – P1 C


  • Kavish Baheti – P2
  • Phalak Panwar – P2
  • Hardik Ghanshani – P1 A
  • Chahat Choudhary – P1 B
  • Amaira Sethi – P1 C

Certificates of Participation were given to the students of Jagdish Chandra Bose House and Vikram Sarabhai House for standing second and third with 100 and 80 points respectively.