Humming Bird Olympiad Competition 2018

Humming Bird Olympiad Competition 2018from 15th November, 2018 to 26th November, 2018

‘Participation, one of the best methods of educating’ – Tom Glazer

With the primary objective of motivating students to understand the in-depth knowledge of the subjects as well as to enhance their factual, conceptual, reasoning, logical, analytical and problem solving skills, so that they realise their true intellectual potential, we at Modern Early Years, Vasundhara organised Humming Bird Olympiads from 15th November, 2018 to 26th November, 2018.

The study material was provided to students from Humming Bird Pvt,Ltd with a facility to study online as well as through their app.

48 students of Classes P1 & P2 participated in the Olympiad as scheduled, opting for the subjects of their choice.



Spell B


Maths (HMO)


Computer (HCO)


English (HEO)


General Knowledge (HGO)


It was indeed an enriching experience for the students as they prepared wholeheartedly and put their best foot forward.

A pat on the back for the coordinators of the event Ms.Diksha Ummet and Ms.Shashi Singh.

The results of the competition are anxiously awaited and are expected to be announced sometimes in December.