Lohri Celebration

Lohri Celebration Monday, 14th January, 2019

Lohri, the popular winter time Punjabi folk festival was celebrated on Monday 14th January, 2019 at Modern Early Years, Vasundhara, as the school reopened after the Winter vacation. The mood on the campus was upbeat and the students were totally absorbed in the festive spirit.

Ms. Ankita Chaudhary welcomed the students followed by some P1 students speaking on their New Year Resolutions …..eating healthy ,exercising ,reading etc. She also explained the significance, meaning and importance of the festival.

Atharva of Nursery –A shared with all a quote on Lohri and Advik of Nursery – B recited a poem titled ‘आयी लोहड़ी’. Ayushman Vatsa (P2) spoke on the customs, traditions and rituals followed by people in different regions on this day. Ahana Singh, Maisha Saxena of KG-A and Rajita Anand, Shivansh Kukreti and Shivika Oberoi of KG-B also shared information with the students on the occasion.

Students immaculately dressed up in Punjabi attires strutted their feet on a Punjabi folk song ‘मैं वारी’ and more fun was added to the Presentation as the Dance teachers performed Giddha.

The Assembly concluded with the Branch Head Ms.Manju Mehra appreciating the efforts of the participants and the teachers. Ms Mehra welcomed all the students and recapitulating on the resolutions of the students she stressed that a healthy mind resides in a healthy body. She said that we should all endeavour to keep the spark within each student always alive so that they keep lighting lives around us . She conveyed her greetings and best wishes to all present on Lohri

‘May the celebrations reinforce the ties that bind us together in peace and harmony and the harvest herald the beginning of further growth ,progress and inspire us’!

Thereafter, the Staff and Students proceeded to the school lawn for the bonfire. Everyone clapped and danced merrily as they savored winter delicacies – popcorn, monkey nuts, gajak and rewari.