National Technology Day 2018

National Technology Day 201811th May, 2018

‘The Science of Today is the Technology of Tommorow’.

‘National Technology Day’ was celebrated in The Modern School, Raj Nagar, on the 11th of May 2018. The day is being commemorated to memorize the anniversary of Shakti, the Pokhran nuclear test held on 11 May 1998. The celebrations aimed at glorifying the importance of science in day to day life and motivating students to adopt science as a career option.

In the special assembly, students of S2&S3 performed a NUKAD NATAK depicting the importance of technology by showing a comparison in the life style of people of the past and present.Arahant and Aryan shared some vital facts about technology day .The students also schooled the audience about the gravity of 11th May, 1998, as India achieved a major technological breakthrough by successfully carrying out nuclear tests at Pokhran. Also first, indigenous aircraft “Hansa-3” was test flown at Bangalore on this day and India also performed successful test firing of the Trishul missile on the same day. Considering the above mentioned technological achievements on the particular date of 11th May, the day was finally decided to be commemorated as National Technology Day.

Speaking on the occasion, Krishiv said that scientific and technological developments are the significant keys to any nation’s success. India is one of the top-ranking countries in the field of basic research. Indian science has progressed to become one of the most powerful instruments of knowledge. Yet in the wake of new demands of economic growth, it is necessary to embark on translating science and technology into developmental needs in all sectors such as infrastructure, agriculture, health, communication and education.

The disparity between haves and have-nots, urban and rural areas, and exclusion or marginalization of certain groups can give rise to social unrest. It is crucial that more technological innovations are geared towards eliminating these disparities and differences. In our endeavour for global excellence, not even a single citizen should be left behind.

Now it was time for some fun and recreation. A set of tearing and pasting game, colouring game, favourite scene game , were played in the classrooms wherein mom and child teamed up together to accomplish the task on hand.

Krishiv emphasized that; ‘technology for sustainable and inclusive growth’ is the need of the hour. And it is where all – innovators, technocrats, entrepreneurs and policymakers – have an important role to play. They have to ensure that science and technology does not remain confined to a selective few sectors only. Progress and growth of the country will be sustainable only if development for all is the overarching goal. For that, we have to ensure that all strata of the society enjoy the benefits of technological innovation and scientific advancements equally.

The assembly ended on a very efficacious note accentuating the role of technology in our lives and its progressive future prospect. The audience were also alerted about the constructive use of science and technology for the betterment of the human race and reformation and rebuilding of our society.

Thus it is appropriately pronounced that ‘Technology is a useful student but a dangerous master.’ Let us all be sagacious in the use of science and technology and help our country to develop and prosper towards self- sufficiency, eradication of poverty and perpetuation of Mother Nature.

‘Science is a beautiful gift to humanity; we should not distort it.’
– A.P.J.Abdul Kalam