Our Sense Organs

Our Sense OrgansSeptember 6th, 2017

The senses are the organs, by which man places himself in connection with exterior objects.

How defunct and insensate life will be without our SENSES! The eminence of our sense organs cannot be overlooked. The allurement around us, the melody that flows, the fragrance of florets, the warmth of affection and the taste of success would all be a myth in the absence of our sense organs.

On September 6th, 2017 the tiny tots of K.G. put together a wonderful show on the topic ‘Sense Organs’. The outstanding and unperturbed introduction by Hasmitha and Aryaahi awakened our senses. The participants communicated to the audience about the different senses – sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell.

The aptly chosen song, ‘Five Sense Organs’ was proficiently enacted by Aaradhaya, Aryaahi, Dhruv, Saujas and Pulatsaya. The audience highly praised the presentation and execution manifested by the budding performers.

My senses are a part of me,
A nose to smell and eyes to see.
Ears to hear and hands to touch,
A tongue to taste good food and such.
My senses are a part of me
Working all in harmony.