Parenting Workshop by Ms Abha Sahgal

Parenting Workshop by Ms Abha Sahgal September 23rd, 2017

Ms Abha Sahgal, former Principal of the prestigious Sanskriti School , conducted a Parenting Workshop for the parents of students of Classes Nursery to P2 of The Modern School Ghaziabad (Raj Nagar Extn. & Vasundhara) at Modern Early Years, Vasundhara. The proceedings started with invoking the blessings of the Lord by lighting the ceremonial lamp on the hymn ‘Make me a Channel of your Peace , Where there is hatred let me bring your love’. The Branch Head Ms Manju Mehra, while introducing Ms Sahgal to the Parents & Teachers spoke about her achievements as an Author, a Columnist, the Founder Principal of DPS, Sharjah & the Principal of the coveted Sanskriti School from 2008-2016 ,to name a few !Her brief introduction was vividly supported with a slide show depicting her illustrious journey in education, her Vision & Philosophy .

Ms Sahgal in her interactive session gave Parents vital tips on emerging as effective role models and spending quality time with their children. Her examples from real life situations made the session extremely interesting leaving parents with a lot of food for thought! She spoke on Parenting myths and realities, the different types of Parents – authoritative, indulgent, permissive, aggressive, democratic and on the ABC of Parenting….

Accepting your child for the wonderful person he/she is ,Being a good role model, Communicating respectfully, Disciplining fairly, Finding ways to stay fit together, Giving chores that build responsibility, Hugging him/her to build self-esteem, Instilling respect for other people ,Joining PTM’s and other school activities to assess your child’s progress, Keeping your promises, Laughing together, Making family rules, Never using physical force, Offering help when needed, Praising him/her for his achievements, Quickly stopping him/her from harmful activities, Reading together, Showing patience, Teaching health and Safety Rules, Using every opportunity to show love, Valuing your child’s thoughts, Waiting until you cool down before disciplining your child and Xeroxing and saving records of his achievements.

The session ended on a positive note of Parents taking a pledge together of showing children that they loved them, of listening and valuing what they said, of praising them for their efforts, respecting them as individuals and enjoying with them every day.

Ms Vinita Roy, the Headmistress of the Senior Secondary Wing, thanked Ms Mehra for organizing the Workshop & Ms Sahgal for the very enriching beneficial and fruitful session. Parents could be seen introspecting, having learnt that no parent was perfect and they all needed to make a conscious effort to learn!