RESPECT – GIVE IT, TO GET IT.September 19th, 2017

An outstanding assembly on the theme ‘RESPECT’ was conducted by the students of P-1 at The Modern School, Raj Nagar, on Tuesday September 19, 2017. The assembly began with the prayer, followed by the thought of the day, news bulletin, word of the day and a short play.

The skit demonstrated the substance of respecting our elders. It delineated the story of a son and his wife, who were disrespectful to their father and treated him like a burden. The role of the old man was entrancingly played by Akshat Tyagi who illustrated the plight and dilemma of the aged people. Grandson Rudransh Nigam gaily feigned his parents to realize the helplessness and suffering of the old man in their hands.Rudransh dissembles himself to make his parents discern the pathetic circumstances in which the elderly are coerced to spend their despondent lives.

The moral of the spectacle performance was well comprehended by the pupils that we must respect the elderly when we’re still young, help the weak while we’re still strong, and admit our mistakes when we’re wrong, because sooner or later we all will grow old, become weak physically and emotionally, and would seek love, care and respect from our family and society.

The convincing and realistic performance by Saaesha Pruthi and Ayaan Sethi turned out to be highly impactful. The hotshots of P-1 exhibited immense confidence and inspired to stay calm and composed, and hope for the best during adverse situations. Being hopeful motivates us to follow our ambitions and dreams in spite of the hurdles and misfortunes that obstruct our path.

The assembly was perspicaciously climaxed with a mellifluent song:

‘Everybody is special in their own way,
In the way they look and things they say.
So let’s all get along and have a wonderful day!
If you show respect to others,They will return it back as a favour,
Let’s get along on this wonderful day!