Special Assembly on Gurupurab

Special Assembly on GurupurabThursday, 22nd November, 2018

‘वाहे गुरुजी का खालसा, वाहे गुरुजी की फ़तेह’

Peace and tranquility filled the air, as the Modern Early Years, Family celebrated the most auspicious day in Sikhism – the birth anniversary of Guru Nanak Devji.

The assembly began with the प्रभात फेरी, in which a group of students attired in white kurtas and orange dupattas entered the school hall chanting the shabad ‘सतनाम वाहे गुरु’. This was followed by a kirtan lead by Ms. Ankita & Ms. Akshma…..‘एक ओंकार सतनाम’.

The Branch Head Ms. Mehra explained the meaning of Gurupurab- ‘Gur’-Guru or master and ‘Purab’- Parv. She added that this day was celebrated to remember the teachings of Nanakji and devote ones life in the selfless service of God. She inspired all with the famous lines-

Lives of great men all remind us
We can make our lives sublime..
..let us then be up and doing…

Takings the proceedings further Ms. Mansi Passi spoke about the life of Guru Nanak Devji, his wisdom and spiritual teachings of humanity, equality and love towards all, supported by a slide show.

Amaira Sethi of P1-C threw light on Baba ji’s family and explained the meaning of the mool mantra…..‘एक ओंकार’ while Gurjas of P1-B spoke about the Five K’s of Sikh’s, which are kripan, kachera, kara, kesh and kanga.

KG students performed on the popular lyrics ‘रब्बा रब्बा मी बरसा ,साड्डी कोठी तारे पा’.

This was followed by an enactment portraying the famous incident of Guru NanakJi and cobra by the performers, narrated by Ms. Sonal Aggarwal. The story behind Guru Nanak DevJi Makkakyo gaye and Guru Nanak Devji in Haridwar were also explained to the children.

The Presentation ended with a shabad sung by a group of students led by the music teacher, Ms.Akshama Gaur ‘सतनाम सतनाम सतनाम जी, वाहे गुरु, वाहे गुरु, वाहे गुरु जी’.

It was a devotional morning wherein children learnt that one has to follow the right path of sewa and simran to seek the blessings of the Almighty.

The Branch Head concluded the programme by appreciating the efforts of the student-teacher team and wished everyone, ‘A Happy Gurupurab’

In keeping with the Modern tradition, Karah Prashad was brought from the Gurudwara & distributed amongst all the students & staff.