Special Assembly on Value Cleanliness

Special Assembly on Value Cleanliness20th July, 2018


‘Cleanliness is the ONLY medicine to all diseases.’

‘आज हमने ठाना है , भारत को स्वच्छ बनाना है’।

The auditorium of The Modern School, Raj Nagar, echoed with the slogans of cleanliness as the students of Classes P1 and P2 entered the hall for their special presentation. The ‘Nukkad Natak’ presented by our veterans enrapted on the weightiness of cleanliness for everyone.

The special assembly started with the students’ enactment of a street play. The substance of keeping ourselves and our surroundings immaculate was emphasized and intensified. Our veterans Akshat Tyagi, Gaurang Tyagi, Nilansh, Dhruv Ladia, Hashmitha Tyagi, Saloni Bhola, Bhawna Mukherjee, and Atharv Prasad left the audience with the zeal for keeping themselves and their surroundings clean.

The significance and utilization of dustbins was precisely elaborated by Rudransh Nigam and Ayaan Sethi as they adroitly elucidated the audience about the hazards and drawbacks of a crummy and grungy environment. The students also educated the audience about the spread of various life-threatening diseases due to heterogeneous accumulation and disposal of domestic and industrial waste. The confident performers made the audience realize the momentousness of keeping ourselves and our surroundings clean. The riveting play climaxed with a promise made by our young, responsible and thoughtful Modernites. The students pledged together, to adhere to a clean and hygienic lifestyle, for a better future.

The ‘Tidy up’ song added another feather to the caps of our performers as they cavorted rhythmically towards a cleaner and greener future. The audience stepped on their toes and joined our fervent troupe. The presentation left everybody humming the tunes of:

‘Every time it’s time to go,
There is one thing you should know,
It’s time to CLEAN UP,
Time to TIDY UP!’