Special Assembly : Value – Honesty

Special Assembly : Value – HonestyOctober 10th, 2017

Honesty is the fastest way to prevent a mistake from turning into a failure
… James Altucher

On 10th October 2017, a Special Assembly was conducted to inculcate amongst the students the value of the month ‘HONESTY’. Varuni Rana of Class P2 recited a poem on Honesty –

‘Honesty is telling what really happened
Honesty is telling the truth,
When I feel honest I feel clear inside…….’

Ms. Ankita Chaudhary, through some real life incidents in which a child lied to his parents, explained how the situation could have been surely reversed had the child spoken the truth. Students of Class Nur- A & B enthusiastically performed on an action song on ‘Be Honest !We always need to tell the truth!’ and the children in the audience clapped and repeated ‘Be Honest !Can people really trust you ?’. This was followed with an inspiring poem ‘I am honest!’ by Alia of Class P2. At the end students witnessed and enjoyed a video titled ‘No More Lying’. Ms Mehra reinforced the same by telling the students how one lie often led to another and how it was best to admit ones mistake and say ‘Sorry’. The proceedings provided the little ones with an opportunity to introspect and to always adopt the path of righteousness.