Special Assembly : Value Perseverance

Special Assembly : Value Perseverance October 10th, 2017


Perseverance is to keep trying to do something properly, even if it seems difficult or tiring. It is a great element of success.

The message was bold and perspicuous as the students of Class P-1 of The Modern School, Raj Nagar, presented their special assembly on 10th October 2017 on the topic ‘Perseverance’.

The students manifested and convoluted the meaning of the word ‘Perseverance’ by stating it in their own words. The short and crisp musical presentation done by the pupils commendably made the audience realize the substance of Perseverance in everyone’s life. The aspiring words expatiated by Ayaan Sethi, Akshat Tyagi, Divyansh, Rudransh Nigam and Vivaan Gupta left an affirmative impact on the audience.

Thus, the presentation ended with the inspiring message of trying hard till one succeeds.

‘With ordinary talent and extraordinary perseverance, all goals are attainable!’