Value Assembly-Caring for Animals

Value Assembly on Caring for AnimalsThrusday, 7th March, 2019

The people who love and care for animals have some of the biggest hearts around.


To inculcate in students the intrinsic value of Caring for animals – that they are living creatures and we needed to be good to them, a Value Assembly on the topic ‘Caring for Animals’ led by Ms. Sonal Agarwal was conducted by her and P1-C students,on 7th March, 2019,at Modern Early Years, Vasundhara.

The assembly began with Ms.Agarwal, introducing all to the topic, followed by a thought and News of the day by Swastik Srivastava and Tishya Goyal respectively.

Avni Grewal recited a rapturous poem titled ‘Help care for a friend, find a home, help him mend’, encapsulating on how one can help a pet to adjust in a new home and on the importance of making it comfortable in its surroundings.

A skit ‘Silly the Cat’ embodying the message ‘Do unto others how you would want them to do unto you’ was performed by P1- C students, depicting that when you own a pet, looking after its need is your prime responsibility.

Aaryav, Advik, Arihant, Aradhya, Sovira, Sharanya, danced on the song ‘Down in the Jungle’ to add an element of pep in the Assembly.

Amaira Sethi performed an incredible dance, in the talent round.

The Branch Head ,Ms. Mehra,wrapped up the inspiring session with a couplet

‘Little children,never give

Pain to things that feel and live

Nor do these gentle creatures wrong’

She congratulated Ms. Sonal, Ms. Megha and the participants for their commendable efforts!