Value Assembly – Friendship

Value Assembly on FriendshipMonday, 25th February, 2019

‘There is nothing on this earth more to be prized than true friendship’.

-Thomas Aquinas

A true friend is a blessing indeed, be it to share a laugh or to wipe a tear, the presence of an understanding confidant sure enough makes the world a better place!

To understand the true meaning of ‘Friendship’ an interactive Assembly was conducted on Monday, 25th February, 2019, at Modern Early Years, Vasundhara, by Ms.Verma and Ms.Mehta .

Maisha Saxena of Class KG- A and Kimroop of Class KG-B, shared with all meaningful thoughts for the day, which were further explained by Ms. Verma. Jenna Khan and Veerika Dabas of Class KG-A recited poems titled ‘Friend’ and ‘मित्र’ respectively, recounting the astounding characteristics of ‘Friendship’. They conveyed through their poems, that it is easy to be someone’s friend, but it takes a lot to be someone’s true friend.

Students of Classes Nursery and KG explained the meaning of Friendship and its rules by suitable examples. This was followed by a song, ‘Count on me…..’ by Bruno Mars, led by a group of P1 students and joined in the chorus by the audience .

Children of Class KG-A presented an exhilarating dance performance on the lyrics ‘True Friend by Miley Cyrus’.

Thereafter the children were shown inspirational videos, on two stories related to ‘Friendship’- ‘The Bear and the two Friends’ & ‘The Dove & the Ant’ which made the assembly even more meaningful!

The Branch Head Ms Mehra summed up in her inspiring words-

‘Good friends are like stars

You don’t always see them,

But you know they’re

Always there’