Value Assembly: ‘Honesty’

Value Assembly: ‘Honesty’Friday, November 30th, 2018

Honest hearts produce honest action. – Brigham Young

As educators we constantly persevere to engage with young minds and to nudge them in the right direction. A Value Assembly on ‘Honesty’ was conducted by Ms.Cheena Garg on Friday, 30th November, 2018 at Modern Early Years, Vasundhara.

The Assembly elaborated on the meaning of ‘Honesty’ i.e. to be true to yourself, and to your work.

This was followed by a skit presented by KG, P1 & P2 students. The skit was about a small boy who goes to a video store with his mom and finds a handsome amount lying nearby. It had a twist when the end of the story was not shown to the kids. Rather, they were asked to assume the end of the skit.

Further, the children were shown some real life situations enacted by the children. Through these small live examples children were motivated to imbibe good moral values by following the path of Truth and Honesty.

An inspiring song ‘Honesty is true, something you should do.

Never tell a lie, show your family why, they can trust in you….’ was performed by the P1 children to relate to the topic.

The assembly aimed at motivating the children to adapt healthy thinking. They were explained that it is more important to be honest with yourself, for if a person is honest with one’s own self, then only he/ she would be honest in dealing with others too.