Value Assembly – Respect

Value Assembly – RespectSeptember 19th, 2017

On September 19, 2017 a Special Assembly to inculcate the Value Respect was conducted by the Teachers & Students of Modern Early Years, Vasundhara. The endeavour was to reiterate amongst the children the importance of ‘Respect’. The meaning of the word ‘Respect’ was elaborated upon with a slide presentation prepared by Ms Reema Rachel along with a meaningful inter-active teacher’s talk by Ms Ankita Chaudhary. Thereafter Kavyan Dwivedi of Class P-2 recited a poem by Don Wilson ‘Respect is a lesson that everyone should learn, Respect must be given before an expected return’ and Navika Chaudhary of Class P-2 delivered the message of treating everyone with respect with emphasis on the proven fact ‘Only then you will start to get, The respect you so dearly crave’. Students of Nursery A & B shared with the audience the interpretation of the alphabets in the word RESPECT. Respect / Each / other / Self / Property / Environment / Classmates / Teachers /. A skit was enacted by Siraaj Singh of P-1, Varuni Rana, Arnav Mathur, Priyaanshu Mittal and Atusa Agarwal of Class P-2 to remind students to be respectful to parents, elders and teachers. The presentation ended with the ‘Respect song’ in which everyone joined in clapping wholeheartedly in the chorus ‘Respect yourself ,respect others, respect the school that is just for we too’. The programme concluded with lively words of appreciation by The Branch Head Manju Mehra, ensuring that the students remained motivated & most importantly RESPECTFUL.