The Teaching Fraternity is active, vibrant, patient, versatile, proficient and well equipped to hone the skills and to nurture the creativity of the students in the most innovative ways.They as Facilitators interact periodically during their Parent Teacher Meetings with their parents as partners and strive to instill fondness and a joy for learning by filling the treasure box of every child with colour and sunshine.

To ensure that teachers stay abreast with the latest teaching strategies and methodologies, workshops are conducted regularly, in an endeavour to provide them with a platform to learn and grow and thus enhance their professional skills.

S.No. Day Date Venue Topic Attended by
01 Thursday 20.04.2017 Modern School, Poorvi Marg, Vasant Vihar, New Delhi Guidance based School Education- The Emerging Concept Ms. Cheena Garg and Ms. Reema Rachel

2. Wednesday, 28th June, 2017 : Pre-Term Workshop by Ms. Roma Jain

‘The mediocre teacher tells.
The good teacher explains.
The superior teacher demonstrates.
The great teacher inspires.’

William Arthur Ward

As a part of the Teacher Training Programmes organised by the institution, a workshop was conducted for the Faculty Members of both Modern Early Years, Vasundhara and the Senior Secondary Wing of The Modern School at Raj Nagar Extension by Ms Roma Jain, a Parent and Student Counsellor and an author with Viva Books Pvt Ltd . The Branch Head of the Vasundhara Campus, Ms Manju Mehra , introduced the Resource Person and elaborated on her versatility and credentials .She expressed her gratitude to Ms Jain for having accepted the invitation despite her busy schedule.

The Guest Speaker, Ms Roma Jain, elaborated on

  • Measures to be undertaken to bring about Positivity in Teaching
  • Integrated Teaching and its benefits
  • Commonly encountered behavioural issues and how to deal with them
  • Effective Parent Teacher Sessions to enforce Collaborative teaching ensuring more permanency in learning

The workshop was interactive and interspersed with examples of class room situations to which the teachers could easily relate to. This made it meaningful, practical, extremely beneficial and indeed an enriching experience for the Staff members.

Ms Vinita Roy, the Headmistress of the Senior Secondary Wing, applauded Ms Jain for such an engaging and a comprehensive session. The positive comments and statements of the teachers are testimony to the fact that the aims and objectives of the Workshop had been well achieved!

3. Friday, 30th June, 2017 : Pre-Term Workshop by Ms. Kitty Rajpal

‘The only true teacher is
he who can convert himself
as it were into a thousand persons
at a moment’s notice, who can
immediately come down to the
level of the student and transfer
his soul to the student’s soul
and see through the student’s eyes
and hear through his ears
and understand through his mind’

Swami Vivekananda

A motivational Teacher Training Workshop , was conducted by Ms. Kitty Rajpal, at Modern Early Years, Vasundhara, on Friday, 30th June, 2017 along with the teachers of the Senior Secondary Wing of Raj Nagar Extension. As a prelude to the proceedings, the Branch Head, Ms. Manju Mehra, showed an inspiring video on the latest version of the story of ‘The rabbit and the turtle’ with the underlying moral that one can achieve ones goal and objectives better through team work. She reiterated that if we continued to be each other’s strength we would certainly take our upcoming school to glorious heights of success.

The workshop that followed , was conducted by Ms. Kitty Rajpal, an experienced Special Educator, an alumini of Presentation Convent , a passionate ex-teacher and a Co-ordinator of her alma mater for 28 and 15 years respectively. The topics she dealt with were active learning and improving the concentration span of the students, word building, brain storming techniques and teaching strategies. At the onset she played an instrumental song on meditation and thereafter made the faculty members dance on a hip hop number. In her lively interactive and engaging manner, she guided the teachers on effective teaching strategies in the classroom , such as taking children for a nature walk in the campus , creating a library corner in the classroom, playing a drum/ using a whistle to maintain discipline . She cited examples for encouraging students, and advised teachers to ‘never be judgemental’ of their students rather , always give them suggestions and advice to improve. She asked the teachers to discuss their issues and problems, gave them tips on improving the concentration span of the children, and also of creating an atmosphere of active learning in the classroom. She discussed how to teach phonic sounds (A to Z) using different strategies like by reciting a rhyme, narrating a story, by using the newspaper etc. She advised teachers to always use bright colours and to incorporate games in their classroom teaching. She concluded , by sharing some wonderful thoughts that , the teacher should lead by example and be a role model for their kids , should build the confidence level in their children by loving them/ giving them a warm hug. She motivated the teachers to always work as a team and that their motto should be ‘I will do my best to bring the best in my child’ and should always endeavour to give their 100% to the child.

The Branch Head, Ms. Manju Mehra, expressed her sincere thanks and gratitude to Ms. Kitty Rajpal for sparing her invaluable time from her busy schedule and being with them. The Workshop can be summed up as being awesome, rejuvenating, interactive, practical, fruitful, enriching as described by the teachers when asked by Ms. Mehra for their feedback at the end of the session.

4. Tuesday, 26th September, 2017 : Teacher Training Workshop

‘God used beautiful mathematics in creating the world’…. Paul Dirac

A workshop on Innovative Methods of Teaching Mathematics was conducted at St. Teresa School on Tuesday, 26th September, 2017 by Mr. Jose Paul , Ex-Director , Educational Planning group , St. Xavier’s school. Founder member and coordinator, Mr. Jose Paul has authored numerous mathematics textbooks and many resource books for teachers . He is an author of Mathscope, New Enjoying Mathematics and Discovering Sense , published by Oxford University Press India .

Mathematics is a language of symbols and mathematical concepts are learnt in the process of a two way communication between the teacher and child. The perspective of this interactive session on activity based learning was to make the study of mathematics fun-filled & interesting for the child. The Guest Speaker, with his expertise of 17 years, gave beautiful live examples, of how mathematics is related with surroundings-music, art, dance to name a few.

The workshop was attended by our Faculty Members Ms. Akanksha Goel & Ms. Mansi Passi. The teachers came back enriched with a bag of fresh ideas to share with their colleagues, to implement them in their class-room lessons and thus make their teaching enjoyable and more permanent !

5. Saturday, 7th October, 2017 : Teachers’ Workshop by Extra Marks

A joint Workshop, was conducted by ‘Extra Marks’, an ongoing process for the Teaching Fraternity of The Modern School, Ghaziabad (Raj Nagar Extension & Vasundhara) at the Raj Nagar Ext. Campus. All the teachers participated fervently and with complete involvement. The interactive session was conducted by Ms Kriti Narula. She informed the teachers of the additions which had been made in the existing software & also about the modifications in the content. Firstly, she updated the teachers about the subheads of Extra Edge: Lingo Coral, Maths Lab, Mathemania, Interactive Manchitra, Study Tool, Little Scientists at work, to name a few. She also suggested how a topic could be introduced and taught in a creative manner to arouse the interest of the students and simultaneously make the lesson more thought provoking, ensuring permanency in the learning. The session was followed by a question & answer round in which the teachers were asked questions randomly and they were told to pen down their answers. It was a very exciting round which all enjoyed. Thereafter the answers were discussed and explained on the Extra Marks interactive board. The teachers derived answers for many of their doubts & queries related to the content, usage and operations’.

Your cooperation is solicited.

A Fruitful Session indeed!