• Our pre-primary children blossom in a nurturing environment.
  • Class teacher and a lady support staff for each section cater to individual needs of the little ones.
  • Sensory development and environmental studies approach to learning makes our curriculum holistic and child-centric.
  • Hands-on activities, experiments like cooking without fire, music and dance are provided with opportunities for each child to maximise his/her potential in a comfortable and non-competitive environment.
  • Fun activities for the pre-primary are an integral part of the value based education followed across the school.
  • The Junior School curriculum is child-centered and activity based so that learning is made fun and enjoyable.



Assessment And Examination

  • Classes P1 – P2 will have no examination.
  • Classes P3 – S3 will appear for their weekly unit tests twice every semester and term exam (Half Yearly and Final Exam) will be held once every semester
  • Subjects Offered
    • Grades P1 to P5
      English, Hindi, Mathematics, Environmental Studies, General Knowledge, Computers
    • Grade S1 to S3
      English, Hindi, Sanskrit / French / German, Mathematics, Science ( Physics, Biology, Chemistry), Social Science (History, Civics, Geography), Computers



Assessment & Evaluation

  • A blend of Montessori and Play-way methods are used in Nursery and Kindergarten
  • In-House Workbooks/Textbooks will be used duly supplemented by creative worksheets and smart board activities. A system of continuous evaluation will be followed through a check list of assignments and observational activities through everyday interactions
  • Academic Session is divided into two terms: April to September and October to March.
  • Nursery to P2;
    • No formal examination will be held for Nursery to P2.
    • A system of continuous evaluation will be followed through oral and written assignments, project work, observational activities and everyday interactions.
  • Classes P3, S3;
    • There will be four cycles of Unit Tests.
    • For classes P3 to S3, all Unit Tests will be of 25 marks.
  • Classes P3, P4;

    • One Half-Yearly and one Final of 80 marks each.
  • Classes P5, S3;

    • One Half-Yearly and one Final of 80 marks each.

Grades will be given to the mentioned Co-Curricular Activities

  • Computers
  • Art, Craft & Clay
  • Dance


  • Music
  • Yoga
  • Physical & Health Education






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