Beyond Academics



Assemblies can build experiences that will go a long way towards children learning about values, religious festivals, special days, songs and other information. Our class assemblies serve as a place not only for developing confidence but also for developing social, interpersonal and public speaking skills.




House Meetings


The house system provides a good platform for the holistic development of students. It forms the basis of all competitions and activities in school and fosters team spirit, group loyalty and healthy competition. The school is divided into four houses namely Abdul Kalam House, Srinivasa House, Vikram Sarabhai House, Jagdish Chandra Bose House.Students exhibit their talents and skills to bring glory to their respective houses.






  • The school has provisioned for two Lawn Tennis Courts, a basketball court, football field, cricket pitch, swimming pool, table tennis equipment etc…
  • Play zone with various play wares has been catered for small children.
  • Provision for skating, gymnastics, yoga and various indoor games has been catered for.
  • The well- qualified Physical Training Instructors will always present to give tips and for coaching in all the sports.






We at the Modern school celebrate all festivals with the aim of making the child aware of the reason behind festivities and mutual respect to all regardless of caste or religion. The new term beginning in April sees children being regaled with tales of Lord Mahavira and Buddha, Good Friday and Id interwoven with Sanskaras of ahimsa and non-violence, thus laying the foundation for making our country a role model for multicultural democracy.





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