The Modern School Raj Nagar Extension celebrated English day to commemorate the birth anniversary of William Shakespeare and inform students about the history associated with the language. The students were involved in various activities to mark the importance of the day.
The students exhibited their talent through Rhymes, Story enactment, Show and tell, Picture prompt writing and also by selling products which was a part of Advert Studio Activity.


    The Modern School, Raj Nagar Extn, Ghaziabad

    "The earth has music for those who listen."

    The students of Modern School Raj Nagar Extension expressed their love and concern for the mother earth through self pledges in the form of hand printing, card making, slogan writing followed by a Nukad Natak and Powerpoint presentations which exhibited the central idea of how human beings are causing great damage to the earth and suggested ways to save the earth and contribute to environment. Students named this day 'Green day' by planting a sapling.


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