One Act Play Competition
One Act Play Competition
One Act Play Competition
One Act Play Competition
One Act Play Competition
One Act Play Competition
One Act Play Competition
One Act Play Competition
One Act Play Competition
One Act Play Competition
One Act Play Competition
One Act Play Competition
One Act Play Competition
One Act Play Competition
One Act Play Competition



“Acting is behaving truthfully under imaginary circumstances”

At the Modern School, Gzb an Inter-House One-Act Play Competition was organised virtually. The Competition was held to boost children ‘s confidence and to ensure that he or she is expressive. With this primary objective the students were given a platform to showcase their hidden talent for enactment. The competition was held between four teams. Each team demonstrated their abilities via two stories. Moral Values were the themes of the stories. The specifics are as follows:

A. Vikram Sarabhai House: Story- A Christmas Carol


Part -1 – Past Characters-

Narrator – Hirav (P3)

Jacob – Preet(P4)

Ebenezer Scrooge – Reeyansh(P3)

Ghost of Christmas Past – Dakshit(P2)

Part 2: Present and Future Characters: 

Narrator – Hirav(P3)

Ebenezer Scrooge – Preet(P4) (Scene 2) and Vrinda(P5) Scene 3)

Ghost of Christmas Present – Hridyansh(P4) 

Seniors: Topic – The Merchant of Venice


Paarth (S4) - Antonio  

Ayantik (S1) - Salarino

Hardik (S3) -  Solanco

Gyanshatraj (S2) - Lorenzo

Aditya (S2) - Bassanio

B.Abdul Kalam House: Story-Rainbow Fish



Narrator - Aarav (P2)

Rainbow fish - Anshika Jain (P1)

Orange Fish - Mishika jain (P1)

Blue Fish - Pravisha (P1)

Crab - Arjun (P2)

Octopus - Shlok (P2)

Story- The Magic Paint Brush

Narrator - Shreya (P4)

Shiva- Yash Singhal (P4)

The Old man - Srijan (P4)

Villager - Yuvraj (P3)

Emperor - Shaurya Siwach (P4)

Soldier - Gaurav Jadon (P4)

Seniors: Story – Macbeth


Anushree (S2) – Duncan

Jatin (S3) - First Witch

Vedant (S3) - Second Witch, Banquo

Anaya (S4) - Third Witch

Mitul (S5) - Macbeth

C. Srinivas House:  Story - Ant and Grasshopper


Ansh Jain 

Ditya Sharma 

Aeleema Mishra

Vyom Pant

Story - Appreciate Everyone




Seniors: Play: Twelfth Night


Kushagra (S1) - Valentine

Shatakshi (S2) - Viola

Vihaan (S1) - Orsino

Padmaksh (S2) - Maria

Aryan (S3) - Fool

D.Jagdish Chandra Bose House: Story - Four friends and the Hunter



Narrator-Arhaan Jain (P2)

Crow-Saesha (P1)

Deer-Anaya (P1)

Turtle-Mishika (P1)

Mouse- Abaan (P4V)

Hunter 1- Rishit (P1)

Hunter 2 - Aadrik De (P2)

Story- Sibling Love

Narrator - Harshit (P5)

Shraman - Atharv (P5)

Namita - Hashmita (P4A)

Mother - Maisha (P3)

Seniors: Play : Julius Ceaser


Devesh (S4) - Ceaser

Dhruv (S2) - Servant, Decius

Maitreyei (S3) - Calphurnia

The students who performed today left an imprint on the audience's minds and illustrated their skills to the fullest potential. Students were trained by their House In charges and Ms Sony at every step of the way. The following stories were labelled as the best ones:• Sibling Love • Christmas Carol • Appreciate Everyone • Magic Paint Brush. In the Seniors category Srinivasa House bagged the 1st position and Abdul Kalam House bagged the 2nd position. The participants were also individually applauded by the School Principal , Ms Manju Mehra for their standout performances.

She prompted the students and concluded that each and every child who participated had put their best foot forward. She encouraged the children for their enthusiastic participation & praised the effort of the teachers for training the students. Suggestions given by her to improve further eye contact, throw in the voice, voice modulation, articulation, diction, pauses, expression etc were well taken it A well conceptualised event! Kudos for the English Dept headed by Ms Sony, Ms Shubhi, the House Masters & the Staff Coordinator!!


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