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The Guru Shishya Equation

Dear Friends

Welcome to a New Academic Year at the Modern School Gzb , RNE.
We all have come through challenging times over the last two years with upheavals over health, economy, war, unemployment and social stresses.
My thoughts for this Session centre around the role of a School and Teachers  towards enhancing and empowering our students  in their School Years .
My forty three years of experience as an Educationist has revealed the most intense truths about what a Teacher  can achieve as an Enabler for her wards .
While the students School   journey comprises twelve years, the Teachers  and other Staff Members remain as permanent pillars.
A Veteran Teacher  sees many batches and even generations through her career.
While the students  graduate and move on to explore new horizons and greener pastures, what is the reward for the Teacher  who remains loyal and steadfast to the School.
In my life and experience, the Teacher always finds her joy and satisfaction from the glory and success of her students.
The Teachers validation comes from the achievements of the kids she taught early on in their life.
It is also a reality that many students  never forget their favourite teacher and some even make the effort to reconnect and revisit their alma mater and their Gurus .
A truly beautiful bond develops between Guru and Shishya.... it is intangible and fluid...difficult to slot or explain. 
But when a Teacher and Student  meet after many years when both are beyond school, the connect is almost divine. All the memories of scolding, late coming, exam anxiety and fear melt away and the Teacher emerges in new light as a selfless giver who added value to the student’s  life.
It would be a real reward if the students  and their Parents would see the Teachers and their role in a holistic way. Beyond the academics and the examinations, it is the human bond which blossoms between Guru and Shishya.
Teachers must be sensitised to their power and scope as de facto Parents to the kids who look upto them for direction and comfort. 
A Good Teacher has to keep his mind alert and his heart open..... The moment a child starts trusting and confiding in the teacher, the true learning begins.
What does a teacher cherish most????
It is not just the remuneration and perquisites of the job. What's really important is the respect and reverence a Guru  receives from the wards  whom she taught. 
The value of this love and caring cannot be quantified in monetary terms.
The child's trust, affection, hope and belief in the teacher are immensely uplifting for both!
This is the real reward,  the true tribute for a teacher.......!
Sincerely yours 
Manju Mehra

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