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Mrs. Manju Mehra (Officiating)

‘Who dares to teach must never cease to learn’-John Cottan Dana

As we battle the corona pandemic, our entire routine and balance of life has changed. In this new ecosystem real is giving way to virtual.

A painful consequence - a loss of real time touch, hand holding, pat on the back, eye contact, body language, sound of chalk on blackboard, physical homework copies, teachers red pen remarks, shared tiffins, birthday treats and House Functions ! Our fondest memories are of the physical, even as we celebrate and zoom along in virtual meetings.

A key asset in the emerging educational reality is felicity and fluency with the virtual world and each one of us must strive to master the Online medium. We strongly believe that the essence of time management is OUTPUT…..not hours spent.

Do it with passion or not at all . The school puts high premium on students human and ethical qualities. These attributes of being honest, compassionate, upright, fair, truthful, sincere, hardworking, loyal and fearless cannot be overemphasized .

‘Establishing goals is all right if you don’t let them deprive you of interesting detours.’ Doug Larson. Goals should be realistic and achievable! Life permits us fresh starts … every new day brings limitless opportunities. We must seize the moment and keep moving forward.

I believe that a happy child is a welcome outcome. Will strive to make education and learning fun, since it encourages the child to be receptive, curious and aware. Happy learning is far more effective than rote learning biologically and emotionally. The Schools must teach the kids never to give up, to get up and try again after every set back.

Our kids should be resilient and resolute in dealing with every life situation. Education is beyond just books, curriculum and exams .The nuances of personality development and creative expression must be encouraged as desirable outcomes of schooling. Primary kids are clean slates- The responsibility of moulding them into fine youngsters is ours.

They are the future citizens of India and what they imbibe through schooling will shape their personalities. Each child is gifted in his/her own way. It is for the schools to discover that trait of excellence and nurture it to bloom. Fitness consciousness and sports focus is extremely important to ensure holistic wellness and I would strive to inculcate sports as an integral part of school routine as Sports & exercise not only helps the body to remain fit but is critical to rejuvenating our minds and refreshing our mood.

Guru Shishya tradition is a vibrant bond. Life lessons are imbibed here. The emotional connect, the human touch ,the validation of the teachers Shabash cannot be underestimated. A mutual trust bond between the teachers and the parents is essential to ensure the optimal growth of our prime objective...our kids. Centered around our children, parents and teachers are equal stakeholders in their well being. The roles can intermingle. While we cherish glorious history, and resting on past laurels is comforting, our school believes in being forward thinking and futuristic.

Reinventing continuously is imperative for growth and looking ahead is the way to go! I truly believe in the Modern philosophy of being an All Rounder. Academics, sporting, Co-curricular, Artistic and altruistic vision guides my life in theory and in practice. Our schools vision and mission strongly endorse that an institution must constantly evolve, update and reinvent itself to remain a leader especially in the fast changing times we live in!


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